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Eurythmics' TV Channel

Eurythmics key member Dave Stewart became the first musician in history to start off his own TV channel. It is a lifestyle TV channel and of high-energy. He has teamed up with executices Morgan Mason and Eileen Gregory to create Innergy.

The Innergy channel looks to tap the human potential, mind, body and spirit. Innergy is the seventh channel from UPCtv and will commence pan-European broadcasting this summer.

The TV programmes in Innergy will range from documentaries to magazine shows. All of them will include personal and professional issues like spirituality, sex, cooking, life etc presented by big-heads in the particular fields

It looks like stewart had been independently working on the concept for well over 9 years before he partnered with Mason and Gregory.

Stweart is well known as a musician and ofcourse key member of the band Eurythmics along with co singer Annie Lennox. How he fares in his new venture of Innergy? Time will tell

Mean while Innergy is available through all top cable TV operators in the country and also from satellite providers like Direct TV Dish from Hughes. Just call your operators and subscibe to the channel which promised to give you something different!!!!